Bottle Drives

Springbank Bottle Depot is here to help you with your fundraising needs. We will advertise your fundraiser in store and online, giving our customers the opportunity to donate their bottles to your drive. 

We have door hangers available to do your own advertising. We will have a  trailer available to pick up any bottles you have collected. We also track where and when drives are done to help maximize returns.



  1. We think going around the community and hanging door hangers (we provide for free) will help drive awarness.
  2. We have no fees and currently provide a free trailer for your bottles to be collected and stored (we drop-off and pick-up the day of the drive)
  3. We track which communities and when by each organization to create optimization, so communities are not overworked
  4. Consider a bottle drive during the week (instead of a weekend) in replace of a team practice, to free up weekends and give the kids "dry land training" - turnouts are often better
  5. Set up an account with us so donations can also be easily made year-round by members and the community

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Thinking about running a bottle drive? Let us help get it organized.  

Ph: (403) 291-5414
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